We are a London based martial academy dedicated to sword fighting; our expertise goes from olympic fencing to LED sabre to HEMA.

Eclipse is balance between light and darkness, as per our fighting style. We are keen to develop a unique style, incorporating other martial arts in order to achieve the best effectiveness in combat. We offer our students real fighting techniques for sport and self defense.


The inspiration for the Seawitch video came from Ariel Undine (AKA Stardust Siren of Machine Rox).   I take every video or film as a great opportunity to improve technically both when directing, and when editing. The video was filmed on two cameras, the Canon 5D Mark II and the BlackMagic URSA mini 4.6 K. For some of the scenes, I used the Lensbaby to help capture the hypnotic underwater feel of the video. I love the effect that the Lensbaby had on the lights and Ariel’s glittery make-up. I feel it really worked for this video.

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I was asked by Leon Paul Fencing club-London to make an advert to advertise their new EVOLUTION LED-Sabre. Never having made an advert before, I welcomed the challenge with open arms, and here is the result. Enjoy

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EVOLUTION- Leon Paul's LED Sabre!


Silver Sabres Combat Academy teaches an exciting new combat sport called 'LED Sabre', It combines traditional martial arts with theatre. It is a unique experience, appealing to adults and children, boys and girls, teaching discipline and mindfulness through physical exercise, sparring and games. One wet and rainy Sunday morning, I was invited to film the Kid's classes at the studio in North London. 

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Music video: X-KIN 'Entranced' (2013)



Music video: X-KIN 'Crystal' (2014)

Machine Rox

@ O2 Academy-Islington

9th September 2017

Gothic siren of the sea Ariel Undine joined Machine Rox onstage at the O2 Islington Academy to support KMFDM. I was lucky enough to get to shoot Ariel for her debut performance with Machine Rox. 

Tasked with filming the event, I performed my audio test during the sound check, and established my position away from the speakers. I didn't anticipate the 4 photographer's heads that would completely obscure my view as soon as the gig started. Having shot a few gigs before, I should have known this! The only way to get half decent footage of the event, was to position myself very close to the stage, which also meant being too close to the speakers. Unfortunately, this completely messed with my audio.  New day, new challenge!


However, to look on the bright side, I did get some great footage. Here are some stills of the gig.

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